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sunnudagur, ágúst 08, 2010

(I dreamt in English last night). I am up to 15 different types of root beer/birch beer/cream sodas. I haven't found any bottles marked out as Sarsaparilla yet, still looking. We had a great gig yesterday, down by the waterfront of Hudson River. I am so much in love with Hudson and the people I've met here, and Rob's apartment is out of this world cool! Sitting on top of his music store, so each time the fancy grabs you to try an instrument (any instrument!) you just go down there. Woke up around 8.30 yesterday morning and heard Sverrir banging on his bass, just having a blast! How cool is that? We're having a b-b-q on the patio in front of Rob's music-store (Musica) in the afternoon of today, as well as a small gig. Can't wait. Then tonight: a train to the city! (I am surrounded by English speaking people, it kinda influences me to write like that too)

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Wim Van Hooste sagði...

Thanks for the update. I've updated the Hellvar fanpage.
Enjoy the BBQ.